Update: Mary Poppins dolls and Our Sindy Museum

Just letting you know about a quick update and a new resource page this week.  As you may know, I’ve been trying to research the Australian Mary Poppins doll for some time now, and have posted a few updates about information that’s come to light (see here, here and here.).  I felt really honoured when … Continue reading “Update: Mary Poppins dolls and Our Sindy Museum”


Kid Kreations Sweet Treats Sindy

I did have a post all ready to go for this week, but then I got a new doll in the mail, and I just have to write about her – the new Sweet Treats Sindy doll. On the back of the Sindy Designer Limited Edition doll range in 2020 (see here), Kid Kreations launched … Continue reading “Kid Kreations Sweet Treats Sindy”

Sindy Designer Limited Edition – Dream Date

I know I said I was taking a break, and I am, but my new Sindy Designer Limited Edition doll arrived this morning, and I can’t wait to write a review.  So many of us have been eagerly awaiting these dolls for so long, and for some of us the wait has been longer and … Continue reading “Sindy Designer Limited Edition – Dream Date”

Identifying New Zealand Sindy dolls

A few months ago, I decided to try and research New Zealand Sindy dolls, as some information I came across on a popular Sindy identification website didn’t sound quite right (see here).  I have to report that I haven’t got as far as I’d like.  My task was made more difficult by the fact that … Continue reading “Identifying New Zealand Sindy dolls”

Updating the Sindy Story

People often think that Sindy was only manufactured in England until 1966. But that’s just not true. Last week I had the good fortune to find a vintage Sindy doll at my local op shop.  She has the early, hollow plastic legs, is marked Made in Hong Kong on the back and has the small, … Continue reading “Updating the Sindy Story”

Quick Post: Sindy/ Tammy-type Doll Comparison

This week, I thought I take a few photos of vintage Sindy/Tammy-type dolls, just to make it easy to compare body types and sizes. There always seems to be lots of questions and discussion in my dolls groups about it, so hopefully these photos will be helpful. L to R: Pedigree’s Side Part Sindy c.1968 … Continue reading “Quick Post: Sindy/ Tammy-type Doll Comparison”

Quick Post: New Sindy Collector Dolls

Last weekend, Sindy doll collectors got some very surprising and very welcome news.  At Dollycon in the UK, it was revealed that new collector Sindy dolls are on their way.  The news is good for us Aussies too, as the dolls were also announced at the Liverpool Doll Show here in NSW, Australia, on the … Continue reading “Quick Post: New Sindy Collector Dolls”

Quick Post: Update: Mystery Mary Poppins Sindy 2

No post today,  my mind’s wandered away… Yes, I’ve had a rough few days, and haven’t been up for dolly play, so this week I’ve just got another quick update on Mystery Mary Poppins Sindy.  You can see the original posts here and here. Thanks to the lovely Kaye, who trawled through her doll resources for … Continue reading “Quick Post: Update: Mystery Mary Poppins Sindy 2”

Update: Mystery Mary Poppins Sindy

This week I have an exciting update on a doll I’ve been trying to identify for a decade or so, and that featured in my post Magical Mystery Mary Poppins Sindy. If you haven’t read the original post, then you really should, but here is a brief rundown:  the doll appears to be a Sindy … Continue reading “Update: Mystery Mary Poppins Sindy”

Quick Post: Sindy – New Moons

If you’ve seen the most recent incarnation of the Sindy doll, like many collectors, you may be dismayed at what she has become.  No longer a teenage fashion doll, she is now a chubby toddler-style doll, similar to American Girl or Journey Girls dolls.  These new versions are quite nice, and no doubt appeal to … Continue reading “Quick Post: Sindy – New Moons”