She Met Ken: ABC Doll Club Convention 2021

Sorry this post is a bit late, but I wanted to post about a convention I ‘went to’ yesterday. My doll club holds a convention every two years and this year, it was supposed to be in Adelaide, South Australia.  But as Covid was making everything precarious to plan, it was decided to reschedule it to 2023 and hold a mini convention in each state this year.  The theme was She Met Ken, to celebrate Ken’s 60th Anniversary, and if necessary, it would be held virtually, online, so all members could participate.  And as it turned out, for most of us, virtual was the way to go.  Three major cities and some regional areas are in lock down due to Covid outbreaks, so the only in person celebrations took place in Adelaide and Brisbane, the rest of us had to tune in to Facebook and Zoom to celebrate on our own, together.

I didn’t get a diorama done in time to enter the competitions, but I had a spare couple of hours on Friday so whipped up a quick one to post on the convention Facebook group. My boys decided to have a ‘Kenvention’ and Barbie was glad she stopped by to make sure the meeting room she’d rented them was ok, because she met Ken…and Ken, and Ken, and Ken, and…

I was really looking forward to dressing up and putting some make up on to zoom with some friendly faces from my state’s club, but unfortunately, there was no meeting scheduled.  I was a bit disappointed, especially as I’d be spending the day on my own, but I zoomed in to the President’s message and saw a couple of familiar faces to wave to and spent the day posting comments, texting, messaging and talking on the phone, so I felt a wee bit connected.

The contents of my goody box, I got a couple of extras, a certificate of 25 years of membership and silver club badge.

Everybody received a convention goody box, posted to those in lock down, or given out on the day for those who could meet in person, and we got some great loot.  Mattel had given us all a Ken doll, either a Fashionista or a 60th Anniversary Ken, Angela (LadyEmeraldCouture – Esty and Instagram @lady_emerald_couture) had made gorgeous Barbie-sized bags for us all and, even better, the fabric matches a dress I’d bought from her earlier in the year.  Timmy and Peter (timthetoymanaust – eBay) gifted a bag of mixed Barbie shoes, there was a fashion for Ken, a convention badge and a sheet of miniatures to make up. Sal from the SA branch uploaded a little shopping bag for us to print and make too. A few of us got a couple of extras, a certificate of 25 years of membership and silver commemorative badge.  Really lovely, but way to make a girl feel old!

The miniatures sheet, made up.

There were activities during the day, a Ken themed quiz, sharing our Barbie themed outfits for the event (I was wearing Barbie underwear, so I wasn’t posting a pic of that), the history of the club’s conventions and a brief history of Ken as well as the announcements of competition winners and the drawing of some wonderful raffle prizes (I won absolutely nothing. I tell ya, mine could be the only ticket in the draw and it would self-combust, I just don’t seem to have any luck).  There was also a scavenger hunt which had us running through our homes and rifling through our collections with only five minutes to post pics of each item.  I may have bombed in the raffles, but I aced this one.  My prize is a ‘toKen’ wee something that will be put in the post, but I had a ball and enjoyed the small win. I sold a few things in the online sales albums, but thank fully there was nothing I wanted to buy as I’ve spent too much money on dolls lately, and I ‘met’ some members of the club I may not have otherwise had the chance to, so all in all it was a fun day and a welcome break from the dreariness of lock down.  So, if you have a doll club in your area, I encourage you to join up, or find a Facebook group to suit your collecting passion.  In these times, they really can be a sanity saver.

Ken in his new fashion with convention goody bag.

Don’t forget, I’m now on Instagram – @jenjoysworld(and a non-doll photo art account @jenniferbs_world). There’ll be some unique content and behind the scenes stuff, so head over and follow.

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8 thoughts on “She Met Ken: ABC Doll Club Convention 2021”

  1. I didn’t win a raffle prize either but never mind. The goody bag was enough. This was bad timing for me. We have a house guest and he is sleeping in the area where we keep the dolls so I didn’t have access to them at all. I did enjoy seeing everyone’s photos and I certainly intend to make the trip to Adelaide in two years.

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