Another Clone Doll Review

Just a quick post this week, spring has truly sprung and is taking a serious swipe at my allergies. I went for a Covid test today, my asthma is so bad, and a Covid world is not fun for asthmatics.  Lots of places deny entry to those with respiratory symptoms, and you get some very dirty looks, it helps to have a Covid negative test result on you at all times.  And I’ve also been busy on another research project, and that has turned into a global group effort, which is really lovely.  So, this week it’s just a quick look at another cheap doll I bought on an online auction site.

This doll was described as a ‘12” 1/6 BJD Ball Jointed doll’, but I could see it wasn’t a ball jointed body, and thought it might be suitable to use with a Barbie doll head.  The proportions looked similar, except for being bustier, and being 12 inches, rather than Barbie’s 11 ½, I thought she may be similar in size to the ‘tall’ Barbie body.  The head the doll came with was cute too.  So, for $11, I took a chance on it.

While I think a Barbie doll head may look ok on this body, I think it would be too tall. The range of movement in the legs is disappointing, there’s no twist joint above the knee and limited movement in the hips.

When it arrived it was only in a bubble wrap mailer, and feeling the package I was worried it had been damaged in the post, but no, the head was packed separately to the body.  As soon as I saw the body I realised it wouldn’t work for Barbie, it has really weird proportions.  The body is roughly the same length as a Barbie body, but the legs are much longer.  While a Barbie doll head would probably look ok, it would be way too tall.  And so, I decided to put the head that came with it on to it.  I was a bit disappointed with the hair colour, it looked pinker in the photos, but it’s a strange pinky-apricot colour.  Being a harder type of vinyl, it was a bit nerve wracking attaching the head. Usually, I just squish heads onto their new bodies, but this one I had to heat with the hair dryer for a while before it would go on.  The body itself is ok.  The waist is quite narrow, like the older Barbie bodies, but it twists.  As I mentioned, it’s quite booby, but there’s nothing wrong with that and it’s nicely sculpted.  The arms have the double bend as the Made to Move dolls do, and a twist joint just above the elbow, allowing a great range of movement.  The wrists move and the hands are lovely.  The legs are disappointing, there isn’t much movement at the hip and while the knee has the double bend allowing the doll to kneel, there’s no twist joint, so the range of movement is limited.  The ankles are jointed though and the feet are a good size and well defined.

I don’t think the head really suits this body, it’s so cutesy, I think it would be more suited to a smaller, less adult looking body, but I thought perhaps if I turned her into a fairy or some sort of fantasy creature it may look ok and I put her aside to think about for a while.  In the meantime, the new local second hand shop started stocking a few doll’s clothes.  The first ones I bought look to be Ken and Skipper sized (I haven’t tried them yet) and at only $1, I snapped up a set or two each week.  The last time I was there (before we slipped back into lockdown, again) there was a rather interesting looking dress.  I had no idea what I’d do with it, but couldn’t resist, and put it aside when I got home.  Cleaning up in the doll room, I noticed that I’d put the dress next to this doll and they didn’t look too bad together.  So, she gets to wear it, and she has now found a spot in the shelves.  I haven’t yet decided what to do with her hair, it’s still in its factory set, and she may even get a total makeover in the future, but for now she’s a nice doll for the grand sum of $12.

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