More Articulated Doll Body Swapping – Update

Today I took myself shopping and I was bad. Very bad. Fashionista Ken #167 Wheelchair Ken was on sale, so I did something I’ve been thinking about for weeks. I bought two, and two more dolls – Fashionistas #163 and 60 Years of Ken 1961 Original Ken – to body swap. I figure it may be ages before we get Made to Move Ken dolls here again, and before they start turning up in op shops, so I might as well take the opportunity to add some more articulated Ken’s to my shelves. I love the results. #163 is an almost perfect match, and although when I first saw him, I didn’t like him, he’s grown on me, and looks much better on the new body. His shorts won’t fit however, he was originally on a petite body, so he’s wearing #167’s shorts. 60 YOK is a good match too, although his vinyl colour isn’t quite as orange hued as the body. It’s barely noticeable though, and he looks fabulous! Now, no more doll buying. My budget is well and truly blown!

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